Unique design of the nasal stick supplier

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0pcs per each item .
6 Ask: Can we use our own logo or design for sticker ?
Answer: Yes, you can. We welcome OEM. Please send email to hongyu@cnhongyu.cn for more details.
7 Ask: How about the new moulds time?
Answer: New mould usually cost 10-20days
8 Ask: Do your factory have Certificate?  
Answer: We have CE for products and ISO13485 for factory quality system and SGS for part of our products.
9 Ask: If I want to visit your factory, which is the nearest international airport and domestic airport ?
Answer: Yiwu is the nearest domestic air port. .Shanghai is the nearest international airport.
10 Ask: Do you have address if buyer welcome to our factory?
Answer: "Yes. Welcome to our factory .From Yiwu airport china,please give address Chinese word to taxi: Or tell us in advance, we can arrange to pick up
Answer: Yes, our factory can help all customers arrange hotel if you need.
12 Ask: What terms of payment you can accept?
Answer: Advise to choose:T/T30% despoit ,balance against the copy of B/L or L/C at sight. Also you can choose EXW in cash paid USD or RMB. Our factory will offer account number for you if you need. Also can show on the P/I.
13 Ask: What technology of your product?
Answer: International pack standard and ISO QC system.
14 Ask: What packing of your product?
Answer: In white paper box and inner carton and then outer carton. Or our factory make production in accordance to the customers’ request including assign color, design and the consistent size with MOQ:20000boxes .Our factory advise you to pay 100USD/color per one time for artwork printing plate.
15 Ask: Are there any discounts for bulk orders?
Answer: Of course, once reaching its MOQ of product ,our factory can have any discount to build the first cooperation.
16 Ask: What is your manufacture capacity?
Answer: Our factory manufacture capacity 20x40”HQ. Usually 1x40”HQ production only takes 2days.
17 Ask: Could you offer products according to our design, size and color?
Answer: Yes ,we can.
18 Ask: What function of your product?
Answer: Take care of small wounds. Can be sold in supermarket, pharmancy, hospital, and can also be gift distribute
19 Ask: Is your product environmental?
Answer: Yes, it is environmentally friendly
20 Ask: Where is your product  applicable and user?
Answer: Our products mainly use anywhere in our life , as a promotion gift and so on
21 Ask: Can you help us customs clearance?
Answer: Yes, we can. Our factory have the right to export and import cargo  abroad
22 Ask: About your factory website?
Answer: Pls link to www.cnhongyu.cn
23 Ask: Your factory do as buyers size and data?
Answer: Yes. Our factory can make production in customer’s request.
24 Ask: How about  nw /gw weight ?
Answer: About all NW/GW data please see our factory pricelist. If you have any need also can by email :hongyu@cnhongyu.cn
25 Ask: Can you tell us your HS CUSTOM NUMBER?
Answer: "1. Wound plaster:3005109000
2. Wound dressing:3005109000
3. Medical tape:3005101000
4. Cotton swabs:3005901000
5. First aid kit:3006500000"
26 Ask: Do your factory can receive paid as RMB or USD or EUR?
Answer: Yes, our factory can receive RMB or USD or EUR. No problem.
27 Ask: Do your factory can print remark show “made in china”?
Answer: Yes . Usually we print “MADE IN CHINA” on the carton
28 Ask: Do you factory can quote us delivery shipping freight fee?
Answer: Yes. If our factory know your delivery port name and consignee and models with pcs and color and mark and all contact way and detail pack need design conformed and color .
29 Ask: Do you factory can offer common pack as normal  design?
Answer: Yes . our factory pricelist have packing size and NW/GW. Usually we advise our customers to use our common packing data . This is very easy for order and quickly conformed all packing size including NW/GW and delivery shipping freight fee.
30 Ask: How about quality warranty ?
Answer: "Our factory can offer 0.5% piece of pack free fee for our customers. Also our factory will send market quality inquire files for our customers and better for quality easy.
Also our factory can welcome our customer to offer your any suggestion about the quality of product and other issue."
31 Ask: Do your fact 
Answer: Sure
43 Ask: Have you ever exported to USA?
Answer: Yes, we have registered FDA and the registeration number is :3005083505
44 Ask: Can your factory help customers buy other products from China?
Answer: Yes ,our factory will try our best to the  customers’ request
45 Ask: Do your factory will join canton fair?
Answer: Our factory attend the canton fair by April and October every year.
46 Ask: How about your factory new mode out time?
Answer: New model need be producted within 30days
47 Ask: Which market is your factory main market?
Answer: Asia market ,European market ,south-America and north-America Market
48 Ask: How to solve the issue of quality?
Answer: In generally ,the staffs of the factory can make producting in AQL 2.5 standard strictly, if there should be the issue of quality and our factory can arrange to give back all product    
49 Ask: Can I become your factory products brand agent?
Answer: Sure ,welcome to be our factory brand agent.The policy of our factory is to find abroad brand agent and offer more discount to your local brand agent to develop our product.Unique design of the nasal stick supplier

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