Reaction Silicon Carbide Beam price

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SiSiC Cross Beam introduction
This is reaction-bonded (silicon infiltrated) silicon carbide, being formed zero porosity by filling up open porosity with silicon metal (Si). Because of it's zero porosity characteristic, thermal conductivity is more than twice of Oxide Bonded SiC's, bending strength is more than 5 times higher comparing to Oxide Bonded SiC.
Specification for SiSiC Cross Beam
Item Unit Index
Application temperature ℃ 1380
Density g/cm3 ≥ 3.02
Open porosity % ≤ 0.1
Bending strength Mpa 250 (20℃)
Mpa 280 (1200℃)
Modulus of elasticity Gpa 330 (20℃)
Gpa 300 (1200℃)
Thermal conductivity W/m.k 45 (1200℃)
Coefficient of thermal expansion K-1×10-6 4.5
Rigidity   13
Acid and alkali resistance   Excellent

SiSiC Cross Beam feature  
RBSIC(SiSiC)'s special feature is its ability to maintain high strength from room temperature up to 1,350°C. Also it has very high oxidation resistance, chemical resistance and wear resistance. Used as beam, roller, radiant tube burner and burner nozzle etc.
We have cross beam, solid beam and special shape beam.
Reaction-bonded silicon carbide beam is applied to the bearing frame of tunnel furnace, shuttle furnace and industrial furnace.  reaction-bonded silicon carbide beam is characterized by big high-temperature resistance, no bending deformation and long service life, and is an ideal furnace applied to sanitary ceramics and electro ceramics furnaces. reaction-bonded silicon carbide, with good thermal conductivity, can save energy consumption significantly.
We provide free technical service about our products and application issues.
Free on-site touring and introduction of our factory.
We provide process design and validation for free.
We can guarantee on-time delivery of samples and goods.
Close follow-up of all orders by special person and keep customers informed timely.
All after-sale request will be responded in 24 hours.  
Quality control
1. Checking raw material before producing.
2. Checking one by one before the assebling
3. Checking one by one during the production
4. Have the random inspection before the delivery.  
2009  HUANSHANG HIGHTECH CO., LTD. Founded, with main products of Oxide silicon carbide kiln Furniture .  
2010  Establish our import and export department, our products entered EU and Asian market.  
2011  Invest to make Reaction bond silicon carbide products.  
2012  start cooperating with NGK,TOTO and some famous insulation and sanitary ware manufacturer in Japan and Vietanam, we provide our silicon carbide kiln furniture.  
2013  we purchased more bigger furnaces to expand our capacity.  
2014  New factory was established, and we develop new products, Silicon Nitride ceramics, this materials is used for alumina foundry.
2015  Develop new agency for our silicon nitride ceramics in Korea, Japan and Indonisa.  
2016  establish cooperation with cordierite-mullite kiln furniture factory  
2017  establish cooperation with Alumina ceramic factory
 Reaction Silicon Carbide Beam price

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