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Hakkında: Product Type: Rex Rabbit Fur Jacket For little girl
Model Number: EHCP030
Color: Red,Blue,Navy
Size: Middle Style
Age Group:Little Girl                              
Supply Type:Stock
Shell Material:100% Real Rex Rabbit Fur
Technical: Hand Made Sewing
Design: Cute style for little girl, keep warm and fashion
We could make the Style for any Designs for your special requirements.
Identification method of fur and the difference of various true fur
fur types - the main sales of the fur of the market are divided into the following categories: rabbit fur, fox fur, mink fur, mouse fur, wool, and of course, many other furs, and the four types of fur that are extended.
Rabbit fur: also divided into hare hare and Rex Rabbit, the hay generally have a little needle fur, with a tip, it looks a bit long if it is not cut, if it is about two joints so big, if it is cut off is very short, the fur is completely no Rex Rabbit's soft and bright, nor Rex Rabbit density thick, this is why otter rabbit price is more expensive than the sketch. The reason is, here, parents should pay attention to the seller's rhetoric, so as to avoid shoddy. The rabbit fur feels the velvet, warm and warm.
A fur coat usually needs more than 2 fur. When making, it is necessary to divide the fur into more pieces. The fur used for good clothing (including fur length, coat color and fur density) is basically the same, and the stitching point between the small pieces is not obvious. On the contrary, the bad clothes are not the difference of the fur length, that is, a shallow piece of fur color, or the density of the fur.
Fox fur: fox fur is a little long, generally divided into silver fox, blue fox, imported and non imported, silver fox is generally pure color, not dyed, it is the color of the words that is very well identified. The fur cut is grey and the roots are gradually white. The blue fox can be dyed and the density is also thicker than that of the silver fox. The fur of the fox feels thick and smooth.
Mink fur: mink fur also known as soft gold, mink fur is very short, very bright, very neat fur, a bit hard, think the mink is not easy to feed, and the size of small, meat type animals, so the price is more expensive.
Raccoon wool: raccoon dog and fox fur, a bit long, but raccoon fur is usually processed with a small pinch of tip tip, if it is the ridge furs, there is not so much fur tip, but more fluff, (PS: wool equivalent to milk), raccoon fur - the needle tip black, the back of the middle of the black tip is mixed as much as possible. It has the characteristics of long needle fur, thick bottom velvet, soft, flexible and wear-resistant, good gloss, strong skin plate and strong insulation. It can also be pulled out and made of raccoon wool.
Wool: wool appears in general market is lambs, looks all rolled up, which makes it easy to identify the price is not used to make more collar.
Three: look at the feeling of hand
True fur is an animal body fur, so it will have a certain oil, which makes the fur itself very smooth and smooth feeling, as if the person just washed the fur feeling very well, but the artificial fur will appear very rough, touch a little bit.
The real fur will blow lightly with the mouth, and the false will not move. Even if it moves, it is estimated that it is too strong.
True fur, when you remove the roots of the fur, you will reveal the skin of the animal, while the false is netted, which is the best judgement.cheap Fur Coat

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